man: it took 4 weeks, but we're moved out of our apartment. spouse man: does that mean we're done with city living? man: I suppose it does. spouse man: well, cheers to that!

Preparing for Parenthood

Man holding crying baby upside down: how do I make it stop?! spouse-man: I don't know, it didn't come with a manual... baby: WAAHHH!


man coding boilerplate at computer while thinking about the holidays


man trapped under large rock: at least the weight helps me sleep...


man 1: that is an epic beard! man 2: thanks! I don't shave when I'm stressed out.


man slouched in chair: maybe 9 days of moving is too many. ouch! when I can move my feet again, it'll be worth it


man painting wall with paint splatter on hand: latex paint… latex allergy… this was a mistake


blond man sitting at computer: I don't even know what I am doing

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